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1 deck of Cards is specific to a Coloritable model. For example :
The animals of THE FARM is an educational and family board game. Children from 3 years old, will learn to observe and recognize the hen, the horse or the sheep. Older children will enrich their vocabulary and their knowledge of animals. Everyone will meet the challenges together with imagination, cooperation and laughter.

The Farm Animals card game is an activity that will keep young and old alike busy, while having fun.

This board game includes 32 cards including:

15 "seek and find"

12 “challenges between friends”

3 "play it like"

Each of these cards requires the performance of an action: Telling a story, finding several green elements or doing a good deed for the environment are all possibilities.

Farm animals is the board game for children that you must have at home, to play with friends as with grandma.

Shuffle the deck of cards and place it in the middle of the Coloritable or poster. Then draw a card. Seek and Find: Look at the drawing on the map and find it on the table or post it. Challenge between friends: Challenges to achieve with the Coloritable. Play it like: A game of making a gesture, a good deed.

Invent your new rules of the game!

32 cards

· Printed in France with paper from sustainable forests and with vegetable-based ink

Recommended from 3 years old, can be played alone or with others


Produced in Portugal

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