The Coloriboard is the new product of the Funny Bouilles. It allows you to colour, draw, write and imagine endlessly. From the Montessori pedagogy, the Coloriboard promotes language, autonomy and learning.

Image de coloriboard entourée de dessins explicatifs (95 sur 65 centimètres, effaçable à l'eau)

The Coloriboard is a giant reusable and infinitely colorable coloring page. It leaves room for imagination and creativity . It can be used with water-based markers or crayons and cleans up very easily with clean water . You can choose to color the front or use the back to let your imagination run wild.

The Coloriboard allows you to have fun alone or to share a common activity between young and old . The designs are suitable for all ages as they are made up of small and large shapes. It can be attached to any smooth surface , such as a wall, door or window, placed on a table or even placed directly on the floor . The Coloriboard is a decorative element for a child's room and can also be used in collective places .

It keeps children away from screens with an activity that is out of the ordinary.

We were inspired by the Montessori pedagogy which is based on an educational approach where learning is done through experimentation and autonomy.