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Our history

March 2020: This is the birth of the Funny Bouilles in Roubaix (59) and the first 4 models of the Coloritable: The Farm , The Diving , The Journey and the Vegetable Garden. We thought of this coloring table by imagining an object which authorized a historical ban on the Child but which at the same time brought many benefits.
We surrounded ourselves with childhood professionals to validate the concept and help us make the activity table playful, educational and adapted to Montessori.

September 2020: Our first donation to a hospital. This donation program, we wanted to put it immediately in the operation and values ​​of the company. Every 50 tables sold, we will offer 1 Coloritable to a hospital service. This very concrete gesture was made for the first time at the Lille University Hospital (being from the North). Today, dozens of hospitals have benefited from our donations.

October 2020: Our first School! Our Coloritable settles for the first time in a classroom!

December 2020: Our first Christmas! An incredible moment to see our dear coloring table under the Christmas trees of our customers. Victim of its success, we will run out of stock on December 5th. A great learning!

February 2021: Release of a new model: La Balade en Forêt . In this model, the 4 sides of the table represent the 4 seasons, allowing the Child to see the landscape evolve.

April 2021: Release of our card games . The idea: to make our activity table even more interactive. 24 cards containing Seek and Find and challenges between friends. A coloring table but not only!

June 2021: Because our customers asked us for it, leaving the set individually to be able to change adventures.

September 2021: Release of our model L'Atelier des Artistes : resulting from a collaboration with school teachers, this model offers a workshop on emotions, the weather and the seasons; a workshop to learn to write, a workshop to learn numbers, a coloring area and finally a game of goose. Today it is installed in the classroom of a kindergarten or primary school as well as in a house.

October 2021: Reinforcement of our donation program with 2 very important partnerships: The Lenval Foundation and the Necker Hospital

November 2021: Release of our model: La Savane s'amuse . Our desire in this model is to add the game to the coloring. You will find a game of goose, a game of 7 mistakes, a game of noughts and crosses and a race of markers!

December 2021: Our 2nd Christmas. This time no out of stock (we came very close...) Santa Claus was able to deliver all the coloritables from the Christmas lists!

January 2022: Our decision is made, it will now be possible to find our Coloritables in stores.

June 2022: First large-scale partnership: The Funny Bouilles and the Tour de France come out with a collaboration for a special Coloritable around learning, mobility and sport. The Coloritable will be available in limited edition on our website and on the roads of the Tour 2023!

July 2022: Release of our Notebook. Reserved for stores, this small notebook includes activity, coloring and history. An edition will be released for each holiday (Easter, Christmas, ...)

November 2022: Release of the Coloriboard. Same concept of infinite coloring but this time on this removable support that can be fixed on a wall, a window or a door.

Our Beliefs

The creation of the Funny Bouilles is based on a desire to offer activities and toys based on:
pedagogy : Our characters and our stories encourage discovery and curiosity. We include learning workshops in every illustration. Adapted to Montessori pedagogy, it finds its place today in schools.
– inclusion:
Our goal is to bring children together. The Coloritable is one of the few activities that can bring together several children of different ages and levels at the same time and on the same project.
– without a screen:
very important for us
– and fun!

We have surrounded ourselves with childhood professionals such as teachers, psychologists, Montessori educators and specialists in positive pedagogy to help us create not just simple toys, but toys that carry values.

For the production, we have chosen to remain local with a production of card games in a “Label Vert” printing works 200m from our home, and the production of the Coloritable with a French partner having its know-how in Portugal.

Finally, our convictions go as far as the choices of our partners, which is why all our orders are prepared in an ESAT 15km from our offices.