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Coloritable sur le thème des animaux de la ferme avec nos chaises en bois

The Funny Bouilles Coloritable is an activity table specially designed for all your children's activities . It allows them to have fun alone or with others , in particular by coloring the 4 sides of the table. Adults will get hooked for sure.
It is both pretty and designed for children , which allows you to draw, color and have fun comfortably. They will be able to color it infinitely with water-based markers and erase it with clear water . Real child's play!
You will greatly reduce paper consumption with the coloritable. This table is durable and designed with quality materials . The table is scalable. It adapts to children in height thanks to the extension legs available. Children can also change drawings thanks to the refills available. The designs are suitable for all ages as they are made up of small and large shapes. This fun and playful table contributes to the development of children's creativity while keeping them away from screens . We were inspired by the Montessori pedagogy which is based on an educational approach where learning is done through experimentation and autonomy.