Endless coloring placemats. Using water-based markers, color and repeat as many times as desired.

Our placemat is reusable and infinitely colorable . This placemat can be colored on the front . The back leaves room for the imagination, which will allow everyone to make unlimited beautiful drawings. The designs are suitable for all ages as they are made up of small and large shapes. Our placemats can be used with water-based markers and crayons . They are very easy to clean with a damp cloth. You can use them daily . This playful activity keeps your children away from screens , while developing their creativity and imagination in a playful and fun way. Our placemat will delight your children.

You will greatly reduce paper consumption with the Funny Bouilles placemats.

Our placemats allow you to combine the benefits of coloring (calm, serenity, concentration, fine motor skills, etc.) with an original and eco-responsible activity.

We were inspired by the Montessori pedagogy which is based on an educational approach where learning is done through experimentation and autonomy.