La recharge Coloritable

Change the design of your Coloritable in the blink of an eye.
With this educational model developed with school teachers, you will find educational content on writing, counting or even language on both sides.

Facile à fixer à l'aide des scratchs fournis, cette recharge permet de changer le dessin de la Coloritable en un clin d'œil, offrant ainsi une variété d'activités et d'aventures à explorer. Tous nos modèles sont recto/verso pour encore plus de fun ! L'utilisation est la même que la table : Coloriez / Effacez / Recommencez

Caractéristiques de la Recharge :

  • Variété de Dessins : La recharge comprend plusieurs dessins thématiques compatibles avec la Coloritable, offrant ainsi une variété d'aventures et d'activités à découvrir. De la savane à l'océan en passant par la forêt, votre enfant pourra laisser libre cours à son imagination.

  • Facile à Fixer : Les recharges se fixent facilement à la Coloritable à l'aide des scratchs fournis. Pas besoin d'outils compliqués ou de compétences particulières, votre enfant pourra changer le dessin de sa table d'activités en un instant.

  • Stimulant et Éducatif : Chaque dessin de la recharge est conçu pour stimuler l'imagination et encourager l'apprentissage chez les enfants. Explorez de nouveaux univers, découvrez de nouveaux personnages et lancez-vous dans de passionnantes aventures avec la Coloritable et sa recharge.

Âge Recommandé : À partir de 3 ans

Renouvelez l'expérience de jeu de votre enfant avec la Recharge pour Coloritable de DBKids. Offrez-lui une variété d'aventures et de découvertes à explorer, et stimulez son imagination dès aujourd'hui !


Are you wondering if you can change the design of your Coloritable?

Refilling the Coloritable will allow you to change the design of your activity table in the blink of an eye. Refills are convenient and fun for kids who love to draw and color and always want more. They can be very easily attached to the surface of the Coloritable using a Velcro system .

Real child's play!

It can be colored with water-based markers or crayons and erased with clear water exactly like the coloritable.

Each refill is double-sided , providing twice the space for creativity. You can either store it or leave it on the Coloritable for your children to play on (Lego, modeling clay, etc.)

Each Refill encourages creativity and imagination. It allows children to get away from screens .

The refills maximize the potential of their coloritability. In addition to offering them new coloring adventures, each back includes educational activities or games .

We were inspired by the Montessori pedagogy which is based on an educational approach where learning is done through experimentation and above all the autonomy of the child.


We recommend that you use ultra-washable water-based markers.

Markers are available on our site.

You can also use Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 pencils.

To erase

Use a micro-fiber cloth, a sponge or cloth dampened with clear water to erase and clean the product. Dry with a dry cloth before use.

If you are using Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 pencils, thoroughly moisten the micro-fiber cloth.

Both sides

The Coloritable refills have been created to be colored on the front and leave room for imagination on the back.

Product dimension: L60 x W60cm

Composition of the package

A refill + Fixing system

Delivered rolled or in the same box as your Coloritable if you opt for a pack with a refill.

Box dimensions: L70 x l10 x h10cm

Material meeting the EN71 Toy Standard

Made in Europe (France & Belgium)

How to fix the refills?

Real child's play.

The refills attach to the fields of the Coloritable tray with a Velcro system supplied with the refill.

How to clean the refill?

Use a micro-fiber cloth, a sponge or cloth dampened with clear water to erase and clean the product. Dry with a dry cloth before use.

If you are using Stabilo Woody 3 in 1 pencils, thoroughly moisten the micro-fiber cloth.

From what age can the Coloritable refill be used?

Use is recommended from 3 years of age. However, any child who can walk can use it under adult supervision. The designs are suitable for all ages as they are made up of small and large shapes.

Are markers included?

Felts are not included.
You can get it on our site.

Is it possible to buy a refill directly with my Coloritable?

Yes, it is quite possible to directly order a refill with your coloritable. Either by adding it to your basket or by choosing a pack including one or more refills with your coloritable.

How to choose the refill model?

Simply choose the desired refill model on the refill product sheet

How do I buy multiple refills?

You can add several refills to your basket and pool the shipping costs.