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Change the design of your Coloritable in the blink of an eye with our double-sided refills

Are you wondering if you can change the design of your Coloritable?
Refilling the Coloritable will allow you to change the design of your activity table in the blink of an eye. Refills are convenient and fun for kids who love to draw and color and always want more. They can be very easily attached to the surface of the Coloritable using a Velcro system .
Real child's play!
It can be colored with water-based markers or crayons and erased with clear water exactly like the coloritable.
Each refill is double-sided , providing twice the space for creativity. You can either store it or leave it on the Coloritable for your children to play on (Lego, modeling clay, etc.)
Each Refill encourages creativity and imagination. It allows children to get away from screens .
The refills maximize the potential of their coloritability. In addition to offering them new coloring adventures, each back includes educational activities or games .
We were inspired by the Montessori pedagogy which is based on an educational approach where learning is done through experimentation and above all the autonomy of the child.