L’écologie chez les Drôles de Bouilles

Ecology at the Funny de Bouilles

At Les Funny de Bouilles, we try to make our start-up more sustainable and responsible. We have implemented various actions to achieve this and continue to reflect on them in order to improve. Find out more right here: In regards to

  • Our Coloritables, chairs, stools and pencil holders are made of wood from sustainably managed French forests. Indeed, we want to limit our impact on biodiversity and mainly on deforestation as much as possible.
  • We offer wooden toys rather than plastic toys. With certainty some plastics are designed with substances harmful to the health and the lungs of the child.
  • Finish the paper with the Coloritable to color to infinity. The very principle of our erasable coloring table avoids the waste of paper.
  • The markers associated with our Coloritable are classic water-based markers, we wanted to use markers that were not aggressive for children's health.
  • The Funny de Bouilles card games are printed with vegetable-based ink in a printer labeled "imprim'vert" and is located 500 meters from our premises. DISCOVER THEM!
  • We strive to work with service providers close to us to promote short circuit production. Indeed, our premises, our printer, our illustrator and our warehouse are all located in the Lille metropolis. Our Coloritables factory is located in Porto, Portugal.
  • We are aware that the packaging generated by our production and our deliveries ends up directly in the trash once opened. This is why at Les Funny de Bouilles, we sort all our waste as much as possible. The parcels are packed with as little plastic as possible while guaranteeing the protection of the articles.

As you will have understood, at Les Funny de Bouilles we try to be as close as possible to our partners while adopting an ecological approach for our toys and the well-being of the child. It is important for us to proceed by short circuit, initially to promote local production and thus reduce the impact of the transport of our toys on the environment, but also to guarantee you quality items and delivery times. short and respectful.